The 5 Most Comfortable Women’s Ski Goggles


What separates women’s snow goggles from “mens” goggles? Well, it’s not just the style and color. Because ladies faces are generally smaller, the following models are slightly smaller and compact, without looking too “bug-eyed”. And yet, they all still provide all the features and technology found in their full-sized counterparts.

Oakley Flight Deck Ski Goggles

1. Oakley Flight Deck XM Snow Goggles

Price: $160
Fits over glasses: Yes, very adaptive
Fits over helmet: Yes
Foam Layers: Triple
Best suited for: The Serious Rider

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Sleek, stylish and available in fifteen electric colors– from Digi Snake Red to Facet Sapphire, these women’s ski goggles are one of the best for looks alone. But with anti-fog technology and polycarbonate lenses featuring Prizm technology, they’re also highly functional and built for top competitors. Wear glasses? Many do. Luckily the Flight Deck features frame notches to fit comfortably over most prescription lenses.

A great buy for…

those looking for women’s snowboard goggles that consistently perform under tough conditions and heavy, frequent wear. The technology and design will appeal to experienced and professionals alike. A note on sizing– these are smaller than the full-sized Flight Deck model, with “XM” standing for “Extra Medium”. This is a common descriptor in some Oakley ski goggles. Womens medium or smaller faces will match nicely to XM models.

Skip if…

you’re looking for a steal. Out of our selections for best ski goggles, these are the most expensive, at almost $160. But you get what you pay for. If you’re very picky about color, you might also want to ensure you know what you’re getting: most negative reviews concerned the color not being exactly as expected.

Smith Ios snowboard goggles

2. Smith Optics I/OS Goggle

Price: $100
Fits over glasses: No
Fits over helmet: Yes
Foam Layers: Triple
Best suited for: Small/medium heads

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Some of the best women’s ski goggles include not only high quality lenses but also are designed for the best fit possible; these Smith goggles for women are no exception. Helmet compatible, with silicone straps and even a rotating positioning system, these goggles are designed to move with you. Also notable features: Chromapop, Carbonic X-lenses with two-performance mirrored lenses.

Snatch these if…

You’re a hard fit. If you’ve had trouble in the past with goggles either staying on or growing uncomfortable, these are a great buy. With quality, high performance lenses, they’re also suitable for a variety of winter conditions. You’ll see the often on the hill, and they’re certainly one of the top women’s snowboard goggles you can buy.

You might want to pass if…

You have a larger than average head. Some users noted it was on the snug size, or simply did not work for them, so make sure you are aware of the size you need. Also, if you’re a more casual skier or boarder, $100 is a bit of an investment.

Anon women's insight goggles

3. Anon Women’s Insight Goggles

Price: $73
Fits over glasses: No
Fits over helmet: Yes
Foam Layers: Double
Best suited for: Intermittent riding in normal conditions

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At $75, Anon Women’s Insight are one of the best middle-range women’s goggles. While there are noticeably less style options than the previous two, the options that do exist are especially vibrant. Cylindrical lenses mitigate peripheral distortion and pair with anti-fog Clarity treatment for great vision.

Consider this pair if…

You are looking for lightweight goggles. Thermoplastic Polyurethane is a lighter material but also adjustable and flexible, for different head shapes.

Pause if…

You tend to be pretty rough, or expect to wear these a lot. While these goggles received a mostly positive reception, the lenses may not be as scratch-resistant as other models.

Smith Drift Snow Goggles for Ladies

4. Smith Optics Women’s Drift Snow Goggles

Price: $56
Fits over glasses: No
Fits over helmet: Yes
Foam Layers: Double
Best suited for: Budget goggles that look good

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With a medium fit, easy and adjustable straps, and a simple but sophisticated design, these Smith goggles for women are a great option for more modest budgets. A dual-side strap adjustment system, silicone backstrap, and helmet compatibility make this a popular option for women getting into skiing or snowboarding. Still, anti-fog inner lenses, and TLT lens technology makes sure your vision will be clear when hitting the slopes.

Consider this pair if…

If you’re looking for a average fit, want something light and easy to use, and value a good deal without all the bells and whistles. The features that are there still will give you quality, but without the heavy investment of other models.

These might not be for you if..

You’re an avid skier. While there’s nothing wrong with this model, it’s more lightweight structure, and without some of both the protection and visibility technology of more expensive models, you may find yourself looking for more durable or versatile, especially for prolonged and frequently rough conditions.

Outdoormaster review of Women's goggles

5. Outdoormaster OTG Ski Goggles

Price: $19
Fits over glasses: Most glasses, yes
Fits over helmet: Yes
Foam Layers: Triple
Best suited for: The once-a-season rider

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Of all of our picks for best women’s ski goggles, this is the most affordable, coming in at just under sixteen dollars. It’s also one of the best selling, and it’s easy to see why: at this price, you might not expect anti-fog lenses with UV protection, plus the ability to wear a helmet or glasses. But these have all three.

Check these goggles out if..

You are just getting into skiing and want something to protect your eyes. It’s hard to get a better bargain with the same features. Even with that, you get a one-year warranty, so there’s no risk involved. These make a fantastic backup pair of goggles to keep in your gear bag.

These might not be the best women’s ski goggles for you if..

We like the front-facing vents to prevent fogging, but found that better quality models certainly prevented fog better with their advanced lenses. While they are advertised as Over-the-Glasses goggles, they don’t technically have temple cutouts like the Oakley Flight Deck.

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