Every Style of Clout Goggles to Put on Your Face


The fashion industry has always put an emphasis on the idea of recreating and modernizing styles from the past. This is why many earlier trends resurface, from time to time, with a new and slightly modified appeal. Often times an outdated style will become popular again with the right celebrity advertisement or by looking a bit more up to date. For example, the trend of bell bottom jeans was popular in the 60s and 70s. Years later, they reincarnated as flare jeans in the 90s. The turtle neck came back as the mock neck. Mom jeans, circle glasses, and overalls have all returned. And if fanny packs were able to make a comeback, then there is nothing off limits.

In the last few years, another retro throwback has emerged from the grave and is on the rise– Kurt Cobain Clout Goggles.

Kurt wearing his iconic white clout glasses

What Are Clout Goggles?

If you don’t keep up with pop culture, then you may be wondering, “What are clout goggles?” Back in the 90s, rock singer and guitarist Kurt Cobain was known for his signature white sunglasses. Allegedly, Cobain put them on in an attempt to mask a hangover as he arrived late to a soon-to-be iconic photo shoot.

Although, these sunglasses were around even before Cobain’s days. Fashion icon Audrey Hepburn donned an identical pair of Oliver Goldsmith sunglasses in the 60s. It was only recently, however, that they became known as clout glasses or clout “goggles”.

Recent Popularity and Why They’re Called “Clout”

Lil’ Yachty is generally known as the one who reintroduced these glasses back into pop culture in recent years. The popularity of these chic glasses grew throughout the rap community, especially among rising SoundCloud artists. However, one rapper in particular is responsible for naming these Kurt Cobain clout goggles.

Rapper Denzel Curry referred to the shades in a short video where he is seen wearing a classic white pair. In the clip, he declares that they are not sunglasses; they’re clout goggles. (Clout is defined as “influence or power, especially in politics or business.”) In another interview with Genius Curry, he explains the lyrics in one of his songs entitled Clout Cobain. He expresses his admiration for the music written by the rock band Nirvana and goes further into how Kurt Cobain had influenced Curry’s writing and music.

The Meme-ification of Clout Goggles

A notable ruckus was sparked on social media due to the growing popularity of these extravagant goggles. Countless memes have circulated Instagram and Twitter involving them. One meme that was especially humorous highlighted a scene from 2005’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with Johnny Depp.

The original, or “real” Clout Goggles

Even though these vintage sunglasses gained a new name, the shades themselves have hardly changed. Kurt Cobain’s clout goggles were originally a style of women’s oval-shaped sunglasses from the Christian Roth 6558 series. Nowadays, clout glasses are made by several different brands in many more patterns and colors (keep reading to view all the different colors available).

The traditional white ones seem to be the most popular, however. You can no longer purchase the exact same pairs that Kurt Cobain or Audrey Hepburn wore. Even if you scour every crevice of the internet, you probably won’t even find them secondhand. So the goggles that are now considered to be “real” clout goggles are the more expensive brands – although they’re not the originals.

If you are big ballin’ and you enjoy the finer things in life, you may want to choose from the high end brands of real clout goggles worn by today’s legendary icons. Acne Studios offers a few styles of their handmade Mustang clout glasses for around $320:

Expensive clout goggles

A collaboration between Supreme and Louis Vuitton brought together a glitzy collaboration design of white clout goggles for a whopping $1000. Gucci also released its own black and white pair of clout glasses as well. These various brands of real clout goggles can be found on various reselling platforms like Poshmark, Depop, StockX, and Grailed. Often times the secondary market can supply these pre-owned luxury goggles for a bargain.

Affordable Clout Goggles

If you’d rather not spend hundreds of dollars on a single pair of spectacles, you may want to look for a much more affordable alternative. When shopping for cheap clout goggles the options on Amazon are nearly endless. From yellow clout goggles to checkered clout goggles, or even a combination of the two, you should be able to find whatever style you are looking for. Most of them are under $10 and few people will be able to tell the difference.

In fact, you can pick up a bundled assortment of colored clout sunglasses for just about $20, allowing you to match any outfit you can think of. But like anything else online, you get what you pay for when it comes to quality. Here are some of the better-made (but not bank-busting) clout shades in every color combo you can think of:

Polarized Clout Goggles

“Standard” Clout Goggles by Joopin

There are tons of white clout goggles to choose from that wont break the bank (typically under $15), but we chose these Joopin pair because they’re one of the only ones that are polarized (protect those eyes, folks). They also come with a legit box, and a tool for tightening the temple screws. As a general rule, if you’re buying <$20 sunglasses, the first thing to fail will be the screws becoming loose over time. A little screwdriver goes a long way in making sure your shades feel as brand new as when you bought them.

Colored clout goggles in red

Red Clout Goggles

How bout Red? Clout glasses come in many colors, and red is among the most popular. This pair from Sojos is just as legit (read about Sojos at the last review on this page).

Around $10

pink clout goggles

Pink Clout Goggles

Perfect for costumes, or matching a specific color-burst outfit, these pink clout glasses are bound to be an eye-catcher.

Around $10

Affordable Black Clout Glasses

Black Clout Goggles

Black clout goggles are the 2nd most popular style – being a little more understated than the original white. If you’re an “all black everything” type of fashionista, these might be for you.

Around $10

Clout goggles in yellow

Yellow Clout Goggles

Bright, loud, and in your face. With yellow clout glasses like these, you’re not going to go unnoticed.

Around $10

checkered clout goggles

Checkered Clout Goggles by QIFANDI

Remember the good ol’ days of Ska? Well, we do. And we’re fans. Pair these checkered clout goggles with a retro pair of checkered Vans and you’ve got a blast from the past look going on. Alternatively, they also make red checkered clout-style glasses, which give off more of a 50’s pinup vibe. And for how inexpensive these all are, you might as well start a collection.

holographic clout glasses

Holographic Clout Goggles by Spacelab

Goodbye 50’s vibe, and hello space-age. Probably better suited to festivals and out-of-this-world parties, these holographic frames are always a hit. Pair it with a holographic fanny-pack, and you’re ready to dance on the moon. They’re sized right to fit on your face, and actually look even more iridescent (i.e. rad) in person.

clout goggles with colored lenses like pink

Clout goggles with colored lenses by Sojos

If you’re hoping to match the chic (and expensive) style of Acne Studios or other top brands, these Sojos’ with colored lenses are a fresh take on the classic style. The mirror finish with gradient lens seems to feel much more modern, and they fit well on medium-sized heads. Sojos offers impact-resistant lenses that you won’t see on others on the list, which might be a comforting feature if you’re constantly dropping your sunglasses from your car or generally roughing them up. But then again, they also come with a little case/bag, so you should probably use that 🙂

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