The 3 Most Popular Electric Snowboard Goggles

California-based Electric opened its doors nearly two decades ago and is now one of the top sports apparel and goggles brands on the market. Electric snowboard goggles are known for their comfort, sleek style, and quality construction.
If you’re hitting the slopes, though, it can be daunting to look through such a varied (and impressive) catalog of items. Here’s our top picks for the best snowboard goggles by Electric–whether you’re a seasoned rider or just starting out.

Electric EG3.5 goggles

Best for Smaller Faces: Electric Visual EG3.5

Price: $80 – 90
Lens:Dual-layer. Press-seal technology.
Polarized: No
Anti-fog: Yes

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Anyone who has a smaller head size knows that even the snowboard goggles with the best technology are worthless if they’re too loose. Fortunately, Electric delivers with its EG3.5 model. At under $90, these goggles pack some powerful features in a smaller size.

Your purchase comes with a replacement lens, and the goggles are also helmet compatible. This is a general all-around quality goggle for someone who’s struggling to find a narrow fit and wants a slew of features.

Not for you if: you have a wide face. Obviously, these are designed for smaller heads and narrower faces, so if you have a larger head or simply don’t like a tighter fit, skip these. Some customers also noted that swapping lens was a bit difficult (the lenses are in place with press-seal technology, keeping them extra secure). While the reviews were overall solid, do make sure you seek customer service in the case of a loose lens.

Electric snowboard goggles EG2 model

Best for Peripheral Vision: Electric EG2 Goggles

Price: $110 – 160
Foam: Triple-layer
Notable Feature: A focus on HD vision technology

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Electric EG2 goggles are the best option for snowboards who are concerned with peripheral vision. A scratch resistant lens and super anti-fog technology are paired with anti-reflective coating to protect against glare from both snow and sun.

These goggles are reasonably priced at just over $100 and are best suited for medium to wider faces. Users raved about the wide view, allowing you to spot hazards, mountain features, or flailing newbies coming at you from the side.

These might not be for you if: you have a narrow face. A common complaint of these electric snowboard goggles is how loose the fit was, especially on the bridge of the nose. Some also noted that the finish on the lens wears more quickly than they anticipated. If you’re concerned about that (and tend to beat up your goggles), either look for a different pair or go with a non-reflective finish, where wear will show less.

Electric EGC2 goggles for skiing and snowboarding

Most Affordable: Electric EGB2S Goggles

Price: $55 – 60
Lens: Anti-fog coated Lexan
Face foam: Triple Layer
Notable feature: Comes with extra lens!

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At only ~$60, it’s hard to find goggles with quality features and design. Electric EGB2S snowboard goggles are one of the best for tighter budgets. A dependable ventilation system, spherical lens, and thermoplastic frame offer a fairly solid pair of snow goggles without the higher price tag. And while they lack some of the features of more expensive models, these do still have the essentials covered.

There is also a hidden gem for those looking for hypoallergenic goggles– the polar fleece foam layer that touches the face is free from irritants and abrasives. So if you’ve had problems in the past with itchy goggle foam, these affordable Electric goggles might be right up your alley.

Some downsides: Some users noted that it’s a bit of a tight fit with a helmet, and this is especially possible if you have a larger head. While the goggles do have some anti-fog technology, they also don’t offer more advanced features of other models, so they might not hold up quite as well if you’re planning on frequenting rough conditions on a regular basis.

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