Top 5 Paintball Masks for Glasses


Whether it’s speedball or woodsball, if contact lenses aren’t your thing, you need the best paintball mask for glasses. A good mask can be the difference between a great day or a long ride home. Keeping both the lens and your glasses fog-free and comfortable is of utmost importance. Below is a compiled list of paintball masks that fit over glasses comfortably, fight fog ferociously, and still come stacked with all the bells and whistles.

Vforce Profiler Paintball goggles for glasses wearers

1. VForce Profiler Thermal Mask

Price: $60 – $80
Fit over glasses: ★ ★ ★ ★
Lens: Clear, Single-layer, thermal-coated

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See your way to victory with the Profiler Thermals, coming in at the top of our list. Dominating the peripheral vision game with 280 degree field of vision, the Profiler also features one of the lowest profiles on the list (meaning less of a target for the opposing team.) This is also a super light paintball mask, preventing it from shifting and bouncing around when running or turning your head suddenly to yell at teammates.

The single-layer, thermo-cured lens is extremely resistant to both scratches and fog, but if you want to truly forget about fogging paintball lens, you can pick up an addition dual-layer thermal lens. Overall, the VForce Profiler is one of the best-designed paintball masks in the game, and while remaining sleek, still has plenty of room and comfort for your prescription eyeglasses underneath.

Dye Precision paintball goggles fit over glasses and can be used for airsoft

2. Dye Precision I4 Mask

Price: $105 – 140
Fit over glasses: ★ ★ ★ ★
Lens: Single-layer, thermal-coated, anti-fog
HD lenses available*

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The Dye Precision I4 mask offers full face protection and a wide peripheral field of view. When you’re wearing this paintball mask over your eyeglasses, the vent layout keep them totally clear, but they’re also multi-directional, making communication with your teammates easier by carrying your voice farther (also known as scream venting). The temple cutouts in the foam are also quite wide, accommodating different thick or thim-armed glasses. The High-Definition, fog-fighitng lenses are quick to change in/out, just be sure to pull back the soft ear protection and lock the clips into the lens slot. Lastly, it rocks a very close, low profile and ditches the large sun visor, letting you get your face closer to your gun if you’re playing woodsball or mag-fed.

Empire EVS paintball goggle

3. Empire EVS Thermal

Price: $140 – $150
Fit over glasses: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Lens: Clear, dual-layer, thermo-coated

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While there certainly are more streamlined/compact paintball masks on the market, the roomy interior of the EVS Thermal mask is able to accommodate almost any shape or size of eyeglasses. Its dual-pane, spherical lens dominates fog by creating a thermal barrier, and does not distort your vision, allowing for maximum accuracy. A triple-layer of face foam may be a little stiff upon opening, but after a couple games, it breaks in and becomes incredibly comfortable with little to no pinch points. The lower skirt is flexible (encouraging ball bounces), and has ventilation that promotes clear communication with teammates and suppresses echoes. These come with a clear lens, so if you’re purchasing a different color, the lenses are easily swapped with no special tool needed. Mainly playing in the woods? You may want to consider blending in more with the Tiger Stripe model.

empire e-flex mask for paintball

4. Empire E-Flex Mask

Price: $100 – 115
Fit over glasses: ★ ★ ★ ★
Lens: Clear, single-layer, thermal-coated, anti-fog

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The E-Flex combines key features from the Empire Event (above) and the Empire Proflex, and made significant improvements like an easier lens-swap system. The ventilation is plentiful, and although the lens appears flat, it’s variable-thickness means it won’t distort your vision. Users have noted that the foam around the nose might be a little too thick/padded, but with any of these masks, you shouldn’t be afraid of a quick trim job to make it perfect for you.

empire event otg paintball and airsoft goggles

5. Empire Event Thermal Mask

Price: $85 – $95
Fit over glasses: ★ ★ ★ ★
Lens: Dual-layer, anti-fog

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The Empire Event mask is a little easier on the wallet and still has lots of high-quality features, like a variable-thickness lens to avoid distortion, and cutouts in the temple area of the foam to allow room for the arms of your glasses. These temple cutouts really prevent any pressure on the sides of your head, meaning you can play (and see) comfortably all day. Lastly, this is one of the most affordable masks on the list that comes stadard with a dual-layer thermal lens, meaning it’s one of the most fog-fighting models of paintball masks for glasses-wearers.

empire event otg paintball and airsoft goggles

Bonus: Paintball mask anti fog

Price: $10
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Even the most advanced anti-fog lenses have a tough battle to fight when you’re sprinting and sweating all day. These Clarity wipes are our pick for the most effective and convenient paintball mask anti fog solution. Unlike a spray, which should be applied to a dry mask and can possibly affect the existing lens coating, these wipes apply a thin film to fight fog and can be re-wiped throughout the day. Check out our list of best anti fog solutions for more options.

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