The Top 5 Prescription Swim Goggles


You can’t exactly wear your eyeglasses when swimming. And it’s also nice to be able to see underwater, the clock, your coach.. anything really. Which is why the following prescription swim goggles are a great choice for near-sighted or far-sighted swimmers. Not sure what diopter you need? Check out the handy calculator from SwimOutlet.

Speedo prescription swimming goggles

1. Speedo Vanquisher Prescription Goggles

Price: $11-30
Use: Adult competition, recreation

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Speedo is the top name in the sport of swimming, and their regular Vanquisher 2.0 (non-Rx) model is one of the top selling swim goggles in existence. They’re relatively simple (a good thing), and are hydrodynamically designed to stay comfortably on your face during flip-turns and diving in off the block. A common complaint for other swim goggles is the distance between the gaskets not matching well. But these Vanquishers come with 4 interchangable nose pieces to get the perfect fit.

Note: at the time of writing this, there are plenty of prescription goggles available for the nearsighted, but out of stock for many of the far-sighted. For far-sighted swimmers, you may want to look at the IST Prescription Swim Goggle.

TYR goggles for nearsighted

2. TYR Corrective Goggles

Price: $18 – 22
Use: Adult competition, recreation

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If Speedo is the top name, TYR is a close second– and these prescription swim goggles are another excellent choice. If you like wide, comfortable gaskets, these are an excellent pick. We found them to be incredibly resistant to leaks and fogging, and had a nice, open field of vision. As either a primary or backup goggle– for the price, you can’t go wrong with this TYR.

Tip: There are, of course, msome people who require different prescriptions levels for each eye. A solution for this is to buy a set of each prescription goggle and swap one lens to the other. The surrounding silicone and plastic is just flexible enough to pop it out/in. Consider it your own DIY custom swim goggle!

Warby Parker

RX swim mask

3. Zionor G3 RX Swim mask

Price: $24 – 27
Use: Recreation, open water competition

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Swimmers often choose a swim mask like this Zionor for a couple reasons. They either find standard prescription swim goggles too uncomfortable, or they prefer the simplicity of mask (able to put on/take off quickly). They are also a preferred choice for those swimming in open water for triathlons, etc. You should note that because it’s a mask, there is more surface area to create drag, meaning it may not be the right choice for top-tier competitive pool races.

If you’re in the market for a mask, however, this Zionor G3 Rx swim mask is sleek and comfortable, and gives the widest field of vision on the list– great for keeping tabs on swimmers nearby. It offers a variety of prescriptions for nearsighted swimmers, and the UV protection and mirrored coating is optimal for outdoor swimmers.

Aquaphile prescription goggles swim

4. Aquaphile

Price: $17 – 20
Use: Recreation

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Comparable to TYRs or Speedos, this Aquaphile offers a wide range of lens diopters, making these another choice for those with poor eyesight. We wouldn’t necessarily rely on these for races or competitions, but for your average recreational swimmer, these goggles make a very comfortable seal and are simple to adjust. Be aware that the nose bridge is not adjustable, although it is flexible. Overall, Aquaphile prescription swim goggles are available and appropriate for most casual swimmers.

Speedo Youth prescription goggles for swimming

Youth: Speedo Junior Vanquisher

Price: $10 – 20

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Maybe most adult swim goggles are too large for your little one who’s just getting started. If you’re shopping for youth swimming swimming goggles, these Junior Vanquishers offer the same quality and style as the adult version, but on a smaller scale. They’re great for kids aged 5 – 12 and getting into the swimming scene. With a price tag under $20, it’s a small price to pay to give your little swimmer better sight under water.

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